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McDonald's Promotion Offers "Blitz Box" for Chiefs Fans



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    A local McDonald's promotion tied with the Kansas City Chiefs offers up the "Blitz Box" for hungry football fans this NFL season.

    Can you eat a box full of McDonald's food?

    McDonald's is already gearing up for the football season and offering up plus-sized meals for hungry fans in Kansas City.

    The fast-food giant began offering the "Blitz Box" on Sept. 2, which includes two Quarter Pounders with cheese, two Medium Fries and 10 McNuggets for $14.99 in a local promotion with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to USA Today.

    The promotion will run through the entire football season, according to a McDonald's spokesperson, who didn't say whether the promotion would expand to other markets.

    "We can't speculate on what other markets may or may not do," McDonald's spokesperson Lisa McComb told USA Today.