Ad Specifications and Details

Explore the wide range of advertising and partnership opportunities available.


Leaderboard Ads
Dimensions:728W x 90H
File Size: 20K
Appears on all pages

Tall Tower Ads
Dimensions:160W x 600H
File Size: 20K
Appears on all pages

Short Tower Ads
Dimensions: 160W x 300H
File Size: 15K
Can appear on all pages

Display Ads
Dimensions: 300W x 250H
File Sizes: 20K
Can appear on all pages

A bookend is used to sponsor specific content within a section or widget. It spans the width of whatever content it is sponsoring. The ad unit, either a graphic or html text, must be no more than 30 pix high.
File Size: 1K

House and Home
Sponsorship of the House and Home section allows a client to provide key content for the section, with the ability to drive targeted users to the client's promotions or specials. Coupons, large display ads, emails and contesting solutions are included with a sponsorship of House and Home.

Full Page ads
Custom pages built using a template that includes the header and footer from the site. The maximum width of the sponsor's content is approximately 700 pixels. Buffer pages are designed for static content that does not change regularly.

Micro-sites are customized for sales content that needs to be updated on a regular basis. The micro-sites are built to look similar to the section from which they are launched. These sites are heavily branded to reflect the sponsor.

HTML Email Sponsorship
Dimensions: 160W x 600H
Format: 20K
Available with daily "News Headlines" emails. The ad space is refreshed every 10 seconds in HTML emails, therefore ads will rotate in each email sent. Ads are located at the top of the email.

E-mail Text Ads
Text ads appear in our non-html emails. Text ads are one to three short sentences in length. These ads appear beneath the content of the email.

Marketplace Navigation Placement
A link and teaser, which allow users to click to the sponsor's content or message from every page of the Web site.

Special Packages or Custom Solutions
Special packages or custom solutions can be created for any client looking for innovative ways to capture the attention of targeted users.

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