Bathe in Sweet Orange Delight

Plus, handmade circle scarves and a new twist on nautical

CLEAN-UP CREAMSICLE: You used to need a rubber ducky to make bathtime fun. Now that you're all grown up, keep the Sweet Orange - Bits and Pieces Soap in your soap dish and you'll never want to get out of the tub. WIth sweet orange essential oil with goats milk and olive oil, this splendid concoction by asliceofdelight will nourish your skin and lift your spirits.

RING OF WARMTH: Circle scarves are popular this fall for good reason - they're warm and so easy to throw around your neck. For a good chunky knit, try this Twisted Cowl by Dandyal. Nothing could be cozier, easier or chic-er!

Every year, every season really, the magazines have a section on nautical wear as if it's brand new. While the sea-side look is nothing revolutionary, this Anchor Pearly Necklace is a shock to the system. Equal parts classic, cartoony and intricate, this piece by Eden and Eden will have you baffled in the best way possible.


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