Blackalicious Remixes ‘Alphabet Aerobics' Into Sports Anthem for Bleacher Report

"Alphabet Aerobics," a tongue-twisting song that the Bay Area's own Blackalicious released in 1999, was given new life last year when Daniel Radcliffe, the British actor best known for playing Harry Potter, deftly rapped it for Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show."

The song is now back in 2015 with an athletic twist, a sports-themed remix called "Sports Alphabet" recorded for The Bleacher Report.

As the group's emcee Gift of Gab raps champion bars for every letter of the alphabet (sample line for Q: "Quest for the cup, it's Quannum y'all, quote me!"), the accompanying video showcases 26 different styles of animation.

Blackalicious released the fourth full-length album "Imani Vol. 1" in September.

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