Boating the Old-Fashioned Way

The summer season is on the final countdown, so if you looking for something fun to do while the days are still long, how about trying your hand at pedalboating? It gets you on the Bay for less than $20.

This past weekend, the line was short at Shoreline Aquatic Center in Mountain View and there were plenty of boats available. 

Once you get on the water, it will feel like you have the entire Bay to yourself.

Pedalboating has the added benefit of being a nice workout because you are literally using the strength of your legs to propel the boat. 

My group shared that duty, which helped all of us keep from having sore legs once the weekend was over.

A tip to add to your experience, bring some snacks and drinks to keep hydrated and fuel up.

Pedalboating is a fun way to spend a beautiful, sunny summer day in the Bay Area. It's a great way for friends to hang out, or families to spend time together.  One boat fits up to four people, two adults and two kids would work.  An hour rental at Shoreline Aquatic Park is $17 on weekends and $15/hour weekdays.  You can also rent rowboats, canoes, kayaks, sailboats and windsurfers. 

Happy boating!

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