Chocolate. Nuff Said.

Plus molecular jewelry and authoritative pants

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HERSHEY UPGRADE: Try and get your hands on some of Coco Delice's fine chocolates, like this box of Salty Caramels. Made from locally produced organic cream and premium European chocolate, these delicious morsels are a lovely gift...for yourself.

MOLECULAR BEAUTY: Try as we might, there is nothing we mere mortals can make that can top the beauty of mother nature. Molecularmuse gets this and has designed a collection of molecular form jewelry, like this amazing Endorphin Choker.

WHO WEARS THE PANTS?: With perfectly tailored, fashion-forward options like the wide-leg Palazzo Pant (look 17), everyone should be donning trousers. Christopher Collins just opened at Sutter and Larkin - get there and claim dominion over his fall 09 collection. [dailycandy]


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