Deals, Promotions Pull People to Online Shopping

Could rise 200 percent in coming weeks

It may be a recession out there, but online retailers have high hopes for the holiday season.

What is typically called Cyber Monday has become a bellwether day for those who make their living off of online sales.

The day marks the official kickoff of a Holiday Season that could be tailor-made for Web surfers.

Online aficionados are not only attracted to the Web shopping experience because it lets them stay at home, but because of the deals they find.

More people than ever before are logging on to shop, with all sort of incentives to pull people in.

"The consumer is in the driver's seat this holiday season, with the economic environment we're in," said Amanda Pires of PayPal.

One of the hottest online items at this time is the hard-to-find Nintendo Wii, Pires said.

"I think consumer electronics will be a big item this holiday season," she said. "We're already seeing that. GPS systems, HDTV, they're all hot items, and will continue to be."

Wherever you point your browser, you'll find discounts and free shipping.

People who stay at home to shop also save time and gas money.

"Ithink people are as comfortable as they've ever been to shop online," Pires said. "All the big retailers have sites, and the big retailers are pushing their customers online with great promotions and great discounts."

PayPal said Monday did see a jump in online shopping. However, company officials said they expect to see a jump of about 200 percent even between now and next week.

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