Meet the Designer of Crow Watches

Founded by Mill Valley-based husband and wife team John Davis and Nikki Storm in 2009, Crow Watches strike the perfect balance between sporty and stylish with their signature rubbery silicone form in bold pops of color.

Sold in three North Bay shops (plus online), the affordable $49.99 timepieces come in three styles—the small and round Toddy and the oversized Bosco and Lush—that are all lightweight, flexible, water-resistant, and feature interchangeable straps and faces, making them completely ideal for the numerous jocks that live in the Bay Area.

To find out more about Crow and its makers, we challenged Storm, the brand’s creative force, to a rapid fire Q&A game.

Feast Bay Area: What do you love about Mill Valley?
Nikki Storm: I like that it’s a small community and all the boutiques are so supportive. It’s very sporty and people are always out hiking and swimming and surfing, so they’re pretty open to wearing the watches. Also, we’re just a 10 minute drive from San Francisco.

Which Crow watch do you and your husband wear?
I really like oversized watches, so I’ll wear the Lush or Bosco in lime green. John wears the Toddy in orange and sometimes with a blue face.

What local stores inspire you to shop?
For jeans, tees, and accessories it has to be The Store in Mill Valley. For jackets and sweaters, Margaret O'Leary.

If you woke up tomorrow and were a shop girl at a local boutique, which one would it be?
Citrus in Tiburon because they have the greatest shoes and handbags.

Do you have any style icons that influence you or your work?
Sarah Jessica Parker has the most sophisticated, yet edgy style, so anything that she wears, I'd seek a similar look.

Finish this sentence: I have way more _______ than any one person could possibly need.
White button downs!

What was your favorite store in the mall when you were 15?
The Limited.

And now?
If it absolutely had to be in a mall, J.Crew.

Finish this sentence: I'm a penny pincher when it comes to _______, but I'll spend my rent on _______.
I'm a penny-pincher when it comes to rent, but I'll spend my rent on handbags and shoes!

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