Non Stop Bhangra Film Needs Support

Film captures popular SF club night

Kickstarter campaign seeks public donations in order for Oakland filmmaker Odell Hussey to finalize a documentary about Non Stop Bhangra, a monthly San Francisco club night that fuses the sensibilities and folk dance movement of North Indian bhangra music with reggae, hip-hop, and electronic beats.

The Non Stop Bhangra Story captures one of the city's most vibrant, cross-cultural, and enduring parties, which features DJs and guest musicians and dancers introducing and building on worldly styles that would otherwise go relatively unexposed in the area. Hussey intended to film a short biographical work but became so entrenched with the culture that he has now spent two and a half years honing his documentary.

As of press time, the campaign has three days to go, with 147 backers willing to pledge a total of $7,735 of the $10,000 goal. The full amount must be pledged in order for the project to be funded.

The next Non Stop Bhangra party is on May 11 at Public Works and features special guests DJ Rekha from Basement Bhangra in New York and dhol player Malinder Tooray from LA's Dhol Nation.

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