Now You Can Smell How You Feel

Chicago apothecary line offers unique scents

There's something so comforting and soothing about slathering on rich, buttery lotions and silky creams for the face and body. You just feel so much sexier. And yes, there are a million different fabulous products out there that will fit your fancy. But when the product is handmade by a local, it makes it that much more fabulous.

Lynette Lovelace is the master behind Lifetherapy, a new brand of apothecary products including pulse point oils and everyday handcrèmes. The Lifetherapy brand empowers users to choose their mood by indulging in decadent, yet simple pleasures. But the best part is the concept behind the line. Instead of simple names like vanilla or lavender, Lifetherapy scents are labeled in a manner that expresses a specific feeling.

In the mood for a vacation? Roll on the Vacation pulse point oil, an exotic scent of white orchid and sandalwood combined with Polynesian coconut. Or if you need an escape from everyday life but are stuck in the present, slather on some Escape handcrème, a sparkling note of pineapple leaf, slowly revealing itself with the inviting aroma of gardenia. And the third but equally important scent in the line is called Play, which is a mix of marsh grass with the sweetness of fresh jasmine and a burst of red orange.

Each scent comes in the form of a handcrème and a pulse point oil, so you can slather the goodness all over yourself or use it as a perfume. The paraben-free crèmes, $26, contain grape-seed and sunflower-seed oils as well as jojoba esters for skin conditioning and enhanced moisturizing. The roll-on pulse point oils, $48, are long-lasting and alcohol free. What more can a girl ask for?

If Lovelace's name sounds familiar to you, you may have shopped in her North Shore store Embrace Boutique, which she turned into an online venture in 2009. The girl's got some serious fashion experience under her belt.

So now you can shop for clothes at, then head on over to to fill your fragrance fancy. Looks like you¹ve got some work ahead of you.

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