Oaklandish Makes Oakland Look Cool

When you look to the east, a few preconceived notions about Oakland pop into your head -- it's plagued by gun violence, its infrastructure's crumbling, and, jeez, those poor people don't even have a Sinbad's! Show them your support by looking good in Oaklandish.

What started out as a "covert street art campaign," launched to basically give props to the Town's people and landmarks, has become Oaklandish -- a full-fledged, fresh apparel line that gives part of its profit away as grant money to people/orgs that enrich Oakland's biz climate, education, and arts, even as Lake Merritt continues to reek.

Ultra-soft tees and long sleeved thermals sport anything from their signature tree and roots logo (which looks like it's made up of intertwined freeways), to big negative prints of the sea port's ubiquitous cranes, to a mashup of various townuments: the Oakland Tribune building, Giant Burgers, the Grand Lake Theater...WAIT, where the hell is Church's Chicken?

The fleece collection's just as diverse, and is highlighted by the Arial zip-up hoodie (with a sweet black/white allover print of Oak from the air), and a grey crewneck bearing Oaklandish's own olive branch-framed crest, complete with crossed swords and the Latin inscription "Ordo Ab Chao," which translates roughly to "They don't teach Latin in our school district."

There is also a limited edition tee of the month -- which currently mixes the aforementioned roots with an A's logo in "Keep Baseball In Oakland" -- and a smattering of posters and accessories including white "Hammertime" stickers for stop signs, halting any preconceived notion that your transition to adulthood will stop you from playing with stickers.

Cop some seriously fresh gear at Oaklandish.com.

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