Other Tree Sitting Protest Ends

The last person among a group of tree sitting protestors on the  University of California, Santa Cruz campus voluntarily evacuated the tree he  had occupied for the past 13 months and was taken into police custody on  Saturday morning.

The tree sitter climbed down when he saw police and tree crews at  the site, UCSC Chief Spokesman Barry Shiller said.

The end of the tree sitters' reign on the trees on Science Hill  was a peaceful affair, Shiller said.

The tree sitters occupied a set of trees since November of 2007 on  a construction site for a proposed biomedical sciences building to preserve  them from being cut down. A court order that was issued months ago had  declared the tree-sit illegal.

"We had intended to convey that we were going to prepare work on  the site during the winter break," Shiller said.

Tree climbers, who were preparing to cut down the trees, removed  platforms, tarps, a mat, blankets, water, food and human waste, according to  the university's Web site.

Once the site had been completely cleared, a tree-cutting service  hired by the university immediately went to work to trim and remove trees in  preparation for the new building.
"We were gratified the incident ended peacefully and safely,"  Shiller said.

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