Prosecutors Allege Bat was Used to Beat Tracy Teen

New details emerge in Tracy torture case

More details are coming out about the charges against the neighbor of a 16-year-old boy who was shackled, beaten and imprisoned in Tracy.

Anthony Waiters mother cried in the courtroom as her son walked in. While prosecutors say he didn't take part in kidnapping the boy, he's been charged with plenty.

Waiters listened closely as a judge spelled out the charges against him, including torture, false imprisonment and child abuse.

Prosecutors claim Waiters, the next door neighbor of Kelly and Michael Scumacher, who are also charged in the case, took part in the crimes against a 16-year-old boy held captive in the Schumacher's home for more than a year.

Like his neighbors and their house guest, Caren Ramirez, Waiters is accused of using a baseball bat to injure the child.

Police removed bats from the Schumacher's home on Wednesday. They also searched Waiters house, removing a bottle of bleach and a computer.

"It's just so hard to believe it just wasn't in his character," said Mary Wagner, a neighbor.

Neighbors said on Wednesday that they are stunned by Waiters arrest. Some said they don't believe the allegations are true.

"If it is (true), I'm really bad and judgment of character because he was always sweet to us," Rachel Portillo, one of his neighbors said.

Waiters' mother wept as her son was formally charged in the disturbing case.

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