Honoring a fan fashion icon: The old-school Starter jacket

Mike from Steady Burn recently sent me into a sugar-coma of sweet fan nostalgia, asking for recollections about the fabled Starter jackets that could be found in just about every public school in the U.S. during the early 1990s.

You know, like the one this young man here in the teal is wearing.*

Didn't we all know at least one kid rocking the "puffy monstrosity" of an all-black Raiders or Bulls Starter hoodie?

Mike asked a few bloggers for Starter jacket stories, including Cecilio's Scribe from the Legend of Cecilio Guante, Adam Best of Arrowhead Addict and the nice young man with the cigar over on the right sidebar (a.k.a. Michael Madsen sucking on a hot dog). My Starter jacket remembrance:

I had a New Jersey Devils black starter jacket, with the red and green colors. The green sort of made the logo look moldy.

Later, when the Devils changed their colors to red and black, I changed my jacket to red and black. Now that was pimp. I felt like I could hang with the fake Raiders fans in my school. Well, maybe not hang ... at least appear in the background of the hooded-jacket Caucasian rap group photo pose they all seemed to strike outside of the cafeteria.

Drawback to both jackets: The way the hood would make my David Puddy face-paint smear.

Any former Starter jacket owners out there? Any current Starter jacket owners out there; and if so, are you also still buying audio cassettes?

* This photo was found via on the Interwebs from a random Facebook page. E-mail us if you know who this is, or if this is you. Because we'd love to interact with someone who rocks a teal San Jose Sharks jacket with a New York Islanders hat and didn't, evidently, lose a bet.

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