Revenge of the Nerds

Men’s style is embracing its inner nerd this season. Don’t believe me? Just look at Sean Avery and Justin Timberlake for starters.

Both have been spotted sporting thick-rimmed, Clark Kent-ish glasses recently (the former wore a pair to a birthday party Daphne Guiness threw for Steven Klein at the Standard hotel earlier this week, while the latter sported an identical set to the Costume Gala at the Met last night).

Adding fuel to the trend is a particularly fantastic, recently launched fashion website: Nerd Boyfriend. The bare-boned site breaks down the style of menswear icons into clothes for purchase.

Think Orson Welles circa Citizen Kane in an all-white suit showcased with a link to Topman’s white cotton skinny suit. Or a photo of Pele and his teammates from the football star’s heyday, which comes with tips on where to buy the likeness of the legend’s brown felt Trilbey hat and leather gloves.

In other words, according to Nerd Boyfriend’s bio, the site is a prime porthole for finding sartorial inspiration if you’re a “fashionably nerdy male.”

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