Says Peskin to SFPD SPOT Plan: “Get off the overtime tit.”

New construction: 1; SFPD: 0. After SF Weekly's cover story about the SFPD's $5 million program "Safe Paths of Travel" (SPOT) program that seeks out wayward construction sites and vehicles and slaps them with steep tickets, the city was forced to respond. Always-lovable Peskin said that SPOT "has got to come up with a plan to get off the overtime tit and get this on straight time." So as for that straight time: the SFPD will completely nix the city cruise-arounds, and simply ticket construction sites in response to specific complaints. For its part, SPOT calls the timing of the program overhaul and SF Weekly's cover story pure coincidence... So, will this block our streets and sidewalks as the police had originally feared? Or will it just speed up -- and slightly cheapen -- city developments? Ooh, just in time for downtown construction on the Transbay Temporary Bus Terminal! (T-minus two weeks, baby!)
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