Top Chef Recap: Post Local Pony Edition

The local pony might be out, but the race goes on. This week, a host of culinary legends played Last Supper, body parts were broken, and there were plenty of fun quotes. But with the competition down to five finalists, last night's episode commenced with two big reveals. One was oddly unnecessary, but the other was the revelation that Carla used to be a model. It all makes sense now.

Actually, it doesn't, but whatever. To the recap we go.

1) Quickfire: Reminding us how much we miss Richard from last season, guest judge Wylie Dufresne inspires the chefs to concoct some playful, creative dishes centered around eggs. It only took a dozen or so episodes, but finally the chefs manage to craft some cutting edge, whimsy dishes. Carla, the only one of the bunch who eschews the science angel, wins for her Dr. Seuss-inspired green eggs and ham.

2) Quote of the Episode: "I'm the tortoise here." —a confident Carla, gradually sensing the possibility that she could upset Stefan to take the top prize.

3) Elimination: The fivesome must cook the last supper requested by a host of food legends. Sounds promising enough, except for the fact that most of the dishes are predictably comfort food, which in turn means slightly boring for our purposes.

4) Speaking of the aforementioned legends, we understand the inclusion Jacques Pepin, Wylie, and the rest, but what was Roger Ebert doing there? ... Oh.

5) TC luminary and weekly recapper Max Silvestri on Stefan: "Stefan remains cocky in the face of his bald competition. He says you could cut his arms and legs off and he could still run circles around Hosea. I agree, but to be fair, I think you'd more be rolling circles around him, Stefan. And someone would have to give you a kick start. I am trying to think of more jokes, but I'm stumped. (Just kidding, that was one! Because you would be a stump.)"

6) The only thing more curious than calling the challenge "the Last Supper" and setting it up like Da Vinci's painting (Padma is Jesus, obviously): that soft focus camera throughout the dinner scene. Just ... why?

7) The best moment of the dinner scene comes when Toby first gets some camera time. Out of nowhere, alongside all these famous groundbreaking chefs, all of who complained about Leah's runny eggs, he blurts out "I actually like my egg whites runny." And then a record actually scratched off camera.

8) Judgment: Carla the Model's peas are "perfection" to Jacques Pepin and Pads, but the ever-quotable Fabio—who soldiered on despite breaking his finger in the kitchen—takes the top prize for his roasted chicken. Sidenote: can Fabio challenge the supremacy of Stefan? On the bottom are Stefan ("horribly overcooked" salmon), Leah (runny egg whites) and Hosea (too bald). Even though Stefan probably deserved to go home based on this challenge alone, Leah, the weakest chef remaining, finally gets the boot.

9) Next week: The next three episodes will take place in New Orleans with Emeril. And Fabio has a mohawk. Italians.

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