Willie Joe Reps The Bay

"I'm From The Bay Bruh" video features multiple cameos

Willie Joe and E-40 represent their hometown of Vallejo as well as the greater region on their song "I'm From The Bay Bruh."

The song was released earlier this year but the new music video, which debuted today, features a barrage of cameos from local rap movers and shakers, including Mistah FAB, Jay Ant, Roach Gigz, and DJ Amen. The stunning backdrops shot around the Bay Area valiantly compete for attention with the MCs' rhymes.

Though from the Bay Area, Willie Joe has also spent a significant amount of time working on music in Atlanta, where he was formerly signed under superproducer Jazze Pha. The slick visuals that accompany this song can certainly compete with artists on a national level.

Watch the video for  "I'm From The Bay Bruh" below: 

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