Robots, Driverless Cars Deliver Food, Coronavirus Supplies in Bay Area

NBC Universal, Inc.

Bay Area robots and driverless cars are proving to be a difference maker during the pandemic by helping deliver goods without putting people in dangerous contact with each other.

The process all starts at Bay Area food banks. From there, food and supplies are picked up and delivered by autonomous robots and cars, who deliver to people in need.

Several Bay Area companies are pitching in to help by offering its driverless technology.

San Francisco startup Cruise is known for taking people from place to place without drivers. These days the company is still delivering precious cargo, but with little human contact as possible.

Nuro Robotics from Mountain View is also using driverless tech during coronavirus pandemic by delivering medical supplies to care facilities. It also is helping deliver food with as little human contact as possible.

The robots can operate on the Peninsula, the South Bay, and in Sacramento. The company plans to expand outside the Bay Area.

Many of the deliveries are made possible by charitable grants.

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