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Dog Bite Raises Questions About City Sign

A park sign that says no dogs allowed, even though dogs are allowed.



    Dog Bites 9-Year-Old in Supposedly Dog-Free Area

    A sign at a park indicates that no dogs are allowed, but in practice dogs frequently visit the area. One 9-year-old had his face attacked by one such dog. (Published Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012)

    "It felt like my whole face got ripped off," said nine-year-old Jakob Burzynski, as he describes his brush with a  bulldog last Friday evening.

    "We asked the owner and she said oh sure he's friendly and then we petted him and he bit me," he said.

    Jakob's mom says she's angry not just at the dog owner but at the Suisun City, because the sign at the park states no pets allowed, yet a park worker on site did not enforce it.

    The city's recreation director says they haven't enforced the sign for years. It turns out city ordinance states dogs CAN be at the parks, if on a leash. Dogs like the one that bit Jakob, have been allowed in, despite the sign. City leaders admit the issue needs to be revisited.

    The dog's owner says his 14 month old American bulldog, named Haus, was on a leash, and never showed signs of aggression before. In fact, Haus lives with three small children.

    While animal services deal with the fate of the dog, Jakob's mom says she wants changes.