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Teen Released From Juvenile Hall

Concord Family Continues to Mourn Death of Father and Daughter



    "We are just focused on our loved ones that's our first priority," Emal Karzai said.

    Emal Karzai is the brother in law of Saliaman Nuri. Nuri was riding his bike with his two daughters Saturday when a driver plowed into them, killing Nuri and his nine year old daughter.  His 12 year old survived.

    The 17-year-old accused of losing control of his SUV was held at juvenile hall in Martinez.  He was released to his parents Tuesday.

    The Concord teenager has not been charged. Police have not completed the report so the district attorney's office doesn't not have enough information to move forward with charges.

    Both families and an entire community are in mourning. The Nuri family set up a memorial fund.

    Donations can be made at any  Wells Fargo branch under the name  Soliaman and Hadessa Nuri.

    The account number is 3268148529.