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Adobe's Flash: A Security Risk?

Hackers find their way in



    Adobe's Flash: A Security Risk?
    Adobe: A bit flawed.

    As if things couldn't get any worse for Adobe's Flash, the still-popular player has been hit with a security flaw that reportedly let hackers get into your computer.

    While many of us were up late watching election results trickle in, Adobe engineers were burning the midnight oil trying to patch the leak.  If you didn't hear about this, you're not alone.

    While not a huge problem, it's not convenient for Adobe, which has been battling Apple over the whole Flash issue since the iPad famously came out without Flash.

    It actually got to the point where the National Cyber Alert System published a warning about the vulnerability in Flash, along with Adobe's Acrobat, and Reader.  "A remote attacker," the warning reads, "could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code."  Not the stuff of nationwide panic, but enough for Adobe to get to work on a patch.

    We'll follow this, and keep you posted if anything else comes of it.