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Animal Abuses at Santa Cruz Biotech Firm

A biotechnology research firm is not taking care of its mammalian subjects.



    Animal Abuses at Santa Cruz Biotech Firm
    File photo: Just one veterinarian is in charge of 16,000 animals at a Santa Cruz biotechnology research firm, a situation that has advocates for the furry creatures hopping mad.

    Federal investigators are still digging into the tale of Santa Cruz Biotechnology, where an inspector found 16,000 animals under the care of a single veterinarian in 2011, according to reports.

    Inspectors in 2010 found goats "sick or injured... in pain," the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported. On Tuesday, an animal watchdog group reported that the USDA found more problems earlier this year.

    One vet is in charge of 10,000 goats, 6,000 rabbits, and an "undetermined number" of horses and cows, the newspaper reported. Goats were found with broken legs and skin diseases, the newspaper reported.

    More inspections are due after the April findings, some this month. Penalties can range from a warning letter to a $10,000 fine, the newspaper reported.