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New Vinyl Seats Now on BART Trains

Old, filthy cloth seats replaced on first 100 trains by end of April.



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    This is the inside of the BART car of the future. And it includes nice seats!

    Take a seat on BART. It's now healthier.

    New vinyl covered seats are at last replacing the old cloth seats, which were found to be so dirty as to have mold and bacteria, according to The Bay Citizen.

    The BART Board voted to spend $1.9 m million to begin outfitting its seat fleet with easy-to-clean vinyl, the news Web site reported. The old cloth seats were not able to be cleaned nightly.

    BART plans to upgrade 100 trains with the new seats by the end of the month. If they're a hit with passengers, BART will give another 100 trains the new seat touch. There are 669 trains in the fleet, which means some bums will sit on cloth for the time being.

    Even better than a clean and healthy cushion, the seats have a new bonus in store for passengers: that "new car smell," according to reports.