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Creative Juices Flow for Swine Flu PSA

Contest calls on filmmakers as a way to spread message



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    Cover your mouth when you sneeze!

    Admit it, most public service announcements are usually boring and, at best annoying. So, to help get the word out about handwashing, covering your mouth when you sneeze and other ways of keeping germs from wreaking havoc, the state invited filmmakers to chime in on the message.

    The California Public Health Department launched a contest for a creative way to help get word out about common sense ways to keep the H1N1 virus from spreading.

    The competition pulled in more than 100 entries and has been slimmed to 10 finalists. The content ranges from the cartoony to the classic short film style. All are very creative and some are downright funny.

    "As we work together to fight the spread of H1N1, these videos from talented Californians will help us spread the word, not the flu," CDPH director Mark Horton said.

    The time for entering has closed but voting for the contest goes until Nov. 12. The winner gets a $500 gift card and the two top finishers will be aired throughout the state.

    Not bad for a production to help remind people about something they should have been doing since pre-school.