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Emeryville Lab Busted in Quaalude Cartel Case

Three kilograms of methaqualone discovered in East Bay forensic lab



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    This industrial block just down the street from Pixar was where CalCoast Labs was manufacturing millions of dollars of methaqualone, better known as Quaaludes.

    It's one of the few success stories in the War on Drugs that began in the 1980s -- the near total end to the recreational use of Quaaludes (methaqualone) thanks to supply drying up.

    By ending the commercial production of methaqualone, which isn't as easy to synthesize as drugs like methamphetamine, Quaaludes become mostly a memory like 8-track tapes and polyester jumpsuits.

    But a recent bust by the Drug Enforcement Agency in "Operation Lude Behavior" uncovered a manufacturing and distribution ring that was selling the pills to wealthy clients, including an employee of Donald Trump that paid up to $35 a dose for 'ludes.

    And the investigation led back to CalCoast Labs in Emeryville, where three kilos -- or 6,000 doses -- were discovered by the DEA.

    Ironically, one of the services offered by the lab was forensic analysis of evidence.

    Dennis Fairley, director of the lab, was arrested and is being held on $3 million bail.

    Jackson West was wondering where on earth people were getting Quaaludes.