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Flight Attendant Helps Land Plane



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    An unnamed flight attendant saved the day yesterday when she stepped up to replace an ill first officer on a plane traveling from San Francisco to Chicago on Monday.

    The attendant helped the pilot of American Airlines flight 1612 land safely at O’Hare International Airport after the first officer began suffering from flu-like symptoms.

    The plane’s pilot followed airline procedure and asked if anyone aboard was a certified pilot, said American spokesman Tim Wagner. When no one was, the flight attendant came forward.   The Chicago Sun-Times reported the flight attendant had a commercial pilot's license.

    "She didn’t actually land the plane," Wagner said. "But she was there to help with the checklist and other procedures -- things that are a lot easier to do if there are two people in the cockpit."

    Wagner also said they don’t usually release the names of their employees.

    With the attendant’s help, the flight landed safely Monday evening. The first officer was treated at a hospital and released.