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Frosty the Dog Holiday Story

Frosty has had a tough life in his first year. Hopefully it is all easy roads from here.



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    Santa Cruz SPCA
    The saga of Frosty the dog comes to an end.

    The story of A little dog named Frosty came to a Hollywood-type ending this week in Monterey,

    Chapter 1 of the Frosty story is that he ran away from a foster home in Seaside. 

    Chapter 2 is when drama entered the story when the lost 1-year-old poodle-terrier mix was seen being thrown from a car near the Monterey Wharf.

    Media reports plastered his picture on newspapers, websites and the evening news.

    The finale came Wednesday when a woman spotted Frosty in her yard. She took him in and then reached out to the SPCA.

    Frosty had apparently stayed out in the cold for two weeks. He has a nasty injury to his right eye. Vets had to remove it, but say he is expected to fully recover. 

    Now that Frosty only has one eye, they might want to rename Frosty the pirate.

    The SPCA says he's in good spirits and very friendly.He was transferred from Monterey back to Santa Cruz Thursday.

    Anyone who witnessed the incident near the wharf is asked to contact the SPCA for Monterey County, which is  investigating those reports, at (831) 373-2631.