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Google CEO May Have Submitted to Facebook's Pokes

Eric Schmidt possibly spotted on Facebook



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    Eric Schmidt poses, looking relaxed and smiling in a photograph on a possible Facebook profile page registered with his email address.

    A profile for Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, may have been found on Facebook.

    It's not entirely surprising -- after all, Bill Gates has started using his again, after publicly abandoning it.

    But if it really is the Google CEO's account, it might be a sly joke on Facebook.

    Just yesterday, Google announced a competing features for Gmail, which Facebook would like to compete with, by announcing its Google Buzz product.

    The profile, which TechCrunch has confirmed is linked to Schmidt's personal email, features a relaxed, smiling Schmidt in pink and green.

    Schmidt also has a Google Profile linked to a verified account -- but there's not much there.

    In passive-aggressive Silicon Valley language, the Facebook profile basically says, "You are no threat to me, and I will laugh as I lay waste to you puny upstarts -- why, just look at this friends list and weep, young [Facebook CEO Mark] Zuckerberg."

    Indeed, one of Schmidt's listed friends is Barry Schnitt, a former Google publicist who jumped to Facebook -- sending the message that Schmidt has connections on the inside at Zuckeberg's headquarters.

    Either that, or Schmidt might just be trying to keep up with Gates.

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