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Ike's Sammitches Returns to Old Neighborhood

Neighbors managed to kick out successful restauranteur, but now he's back and bigger than ever.



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    A sandwich from Ike's Place. Photo: Armoriur on Flickr

    Try not to freak out all at once: Ike's Place is returning to the block they were forced to vacate last year.

    The wildly popular sandwich chain was made to leave its old storefront this past summer when neighbors complained about the crowds. Since then, they've been doing booming business at a temporary spot in the bar Lime on Market Street.

    But today marks the grand opening of their new home at 3489 16th Street. So if you like standing in line for hours and hours, it's your lucky day. The new location is bigger and can accommodate larger crowds than ever.

    And in addition to the hungry throngs, there's likely to be a TV crew hanging around Monday afternoon. The Discovery Channel will be taping a pilot for a proposed reality show about the sandwich chain. It's far from a done deal, but if the program makes it to air it would bring even more attention to the neighborhood.

    Meanwhile, customers at Ike's Stanford location are so frantic for food that the restaurant can't answer the phone fast enough. Customers have complained that they're unable to place their orders over the phone because there aren't enough operators.

    Luckily, Ike's has an iPhone and Android app that allows you to place your order and pay, then saunter on down to the shop and pick up your food without having to wait as long as all the chumps in line.