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Jerry Brown's 'Friends' Cover the Rent



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    Gov. Jerry Brown's friends are taking care of the rent for him at his Sacramento penthouse.

    Gov. Jerry Brown may own his own home in Oakland but the former mayor also has a loft to stay in in Sacramento.

    The oldest governor in California has a group of supporters who donate from private funds towards his $3,000-a-month rent for a 1,450-square-foot apartment in Sacramento.

    The group had said it would not disclose who was making the donations until January 2012 but Friday they told the Los Angeles Times that the group's sole $25,000 contribution was from a surplus in Brown's inaugural fund.

    The money will not cover the cost of the loft for the entire year, so the group says it will need to secure more donations soon.

    Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a similar deal with similar non-profits, who funded his hotel penthouse in Sacramento. Brown's office said the practice has been in existence since Gov. George Deukmejian in the 1980s.

    The California State Protocol Foundation  also said over the weekend that it is raising money from private donors to fund  travel  for the governor. The governor's office said no money has been raised so far and the no international travel was planned. Schwarzenegger also had a similar support.