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New Sexual Assault Reported Near Lake Merritt



    A woman who lives near Lake Merritt was sexually assaulted.

    Oakland police are investigating a sexual assault case in the city's Lake Merritt neighborhood.

    A woman reported being assaulted in her apartment complex on Jackson Street
    late Monday night. She said she had just returned home from work. The woman describes her attacker as a six-foot-tall African American man with medium complexion. He was wearing a dark long sleeve shirt and dark cap.

    Although the police are not making a connection between this assault to other assaults in the area in recent months, they said they have not ruled it out either. 

    A woman was attacked near Lake Merritt in January. And back in September there were two other sexual asssaults in the same general area of Oakland.

    In the press release that announced Monday's crime, police also listed safety tips.

    Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t become distracted by electronic devices including cell phones.

    1. Stay in well lit and populated areas when traveling alone.
    2. Be especially alert when coming and going from your vehicle.
    3. If someone or something looks suspicious please call the police.