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Parking Tips for Labor Day Weekend



    Parking Tips for Labor Day Weekend

    There are two extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to thinking about holiday parking. One popular rationalization around holiday parking goes something like this: “The Banks are closed, the post office is closed, DPT parking officers are government employees, so they don’t have to work, right? So, parking restrictions are not in effect on labor day right?” Wrong. 

      Those coming from the other end of the spectrum look at it like this:  “Well, some of the rules are in effect, and some of them aren’t and there is simply no possible way of knowing this or keeping it straight, so it’s a crap shoot,  so, you should just put money in every meter just to be safe.”  While safety oriented, this view is expensive, and could still get you a ticket and/or towed.
    The banks and post office will be closed, and most people do get Labor Day off.  But, holidays are workdays for many DPT officers. And with those officers knowing the rules and most drivers not knowing the rules, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel for them…another half a million dollars in tickets will be given out!  So here is how to avoid getting a ticket on Labor Day.

Monday September 5) 
SF Parking Enforcement Schedule:
    What Is Not Enforced on Labor Day 2011:
    –Commuter Tow-Away Zones (ex. No Parking 3 pm -7 pm  Commuter Lane)

    –Residential Permit Zones

    –M-F Daytime Street Sweeping (ex. Street Sweeping Mondays 8 am-10 am)

    What Is Enforced on Labor Day 2011
    –7 Day Street Sweeping (ex. Street Sweeping 12 am Every Day)

    –All Parking Meters

    This seems pretty straight forward, but there are two places where it’s easy to make an expensive mistake: 
    1) 7-day street sweeping always occurs at night and the sign will say “7
 Days”, or “Every Day”. If you are out on Sunday night, remember that at 12:00 a.m., it becomes Monday. So take a minute to think about this when you park.
    2) Commuter lanes such as the one along the Embarcadero, are not enforced
     as usual on Monday. But remember, the meters are.
For a printable 2011 Holiday Parking Enforcement Schedule for you to keep in your glove compartment click here.

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