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Pirate Cat Radio Tries to Lose the Eye Patch



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    Pirate television station in Mission District.

    Pirate Cat Radio has 10,000 reasons to go legit. As in an FCC fine last year that forced the underground San Francisco radio station to go online only.

    Now the low powered, unlicensed community radio station, operating out of the City's Mission district, is trying to get a legitimate FM license.

    The problem is going on the straight and narrow isn't cheap. You know the old saying: you can take a pirate out of the cat but it will cost 60 large.

    Okay that is not a real saying but the FCC wants $60,000 to license the station.

    Pirate Cat TV

    [BAY] Pirate Cat TV
    A pirate radio station in the Mission District is now venturing into TV.
    (Published Saturday, March 14, 2009)

    The folks at Pirate Cat Radio may have to give their friend Anthony Bourdain a call to start pushing a lot more Bacon Maple Lattes.

    Or you can help them out by donating on the station's Kickstarter page. Think of it as supporting your non-government funded NPR.