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Rapture Pastor: Oops, I Meant October

Howard Camping picks new date for the end of the world.



    He was a little off.But perhaps there's a rain check? The Oakland pastor, who made international headlines for his prediction the world would end over the weekend, is talking again.We asked him a simple question...What happened? NBC Bay Area?s Jean Elle reports. (Published Tuesday, May 24, 2011)

    The Bay Area minister who predicted the world would end over the weekend now admits he was wrong.

    But Howard Camping is now revising his prediction and says the rapture will come on October 21 and not May 21.

    The radio host invited media into his studios in Oakland Monday night.

    The 89-year-old said he feels bad about being wrong about the month of May, but says he is still certain he's right about October.

    "Because the Bible clearly teaches that then the world be destroyed all together," Camping said.

    When asked, Camping also said he will not return the money that listeners donated to the cause. He says that money has already been used to educate people about the world's end.