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SF Mayor Appoints Employee to Citizen's Arts Commission

Astrid Haryati from the Mayor's Office of Greening now moonlighting on the Art's Commission as well



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    Dede Wilsey is certainly all passive-aggresive smiles after learning that Mayor Gavin Newsom has countered Supervisor Chris Daly with a privileged appointment.

    It's backscratching at City Hall once again, as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has appointed landscape architect Astrid Haryati to the Art's Commission.

    It's the latest move in a fracas that started when San Francisco Supervisor Chris Dalymanaged to make the rules on financial disclosure for Arts Commission members more strict.

    Gone were mayoral supporters such as Dede "De Young" Wilsey and Jeannene Przyblyski, wife of former Newsom campaign director Eric Jaye, in hasty resignations.

    With the power to appoint new members, Newsom went to a friendly well, appointing Haryati -- whom he'd previously appointed as the director of the Mayor's Office of Greening -- to the volunteer post.

    Haryati will presumably continue serving at the mayor's whim in efforts to green San Francisco, as well as taking up a seat on the "citizen's" commission.

    The Arts Commission apportions millions of dollars in taxes and development fees to local creative organizations.

    And while critics accuse Daly of political motivations in pursuing the new financial disclosures, by appointing and employee, Newsom has clearly chosen to play at the same level.

    Jackson West doesn't necessarily want Daly or Newsom to compromise their positions, but even talking at all would be a step in the right direction.