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Santa John Brings His Unique Humor to the Tonight Show



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    Santa John with Leno.

    About a week after losing his job of 20 years, Santa John has without a doubt landed on his feet.

    Not only did John Toomey, the longtime Macy's Santa impersonator who was let go for telling an "adult joke," get a new job at Lefty O'Doul's but he also made an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno Thursday.

    Shortly after his opening monologue, Leno told how Toomey had been fired from Macy's in Union Square for telling a joke that offended a couple.

    The comedian had Santa John join him on stage in full Santa gear for a conversation about Christmas. It was clear to see that despite the controversy surrounding his joke, Toomey had not lost his sense of humor.

    When Leno asked him if he could give the audience a Santa "ho, ho, ho," Toomey politely refused saying it was no longer politically correct to do so.

    "Oh I'm sorry Jay," he said. "Apparently you can't say 'ho, ho ho' anymore. It's working girl, working girl, working girl."

    The audience didn't seem to mind the joke. Leno then asked him if he could have a preview of what all the good boys and girls would be receiving this year. Again Toomey politely declined but promised there would be no gift certificates from Macy's.

    And he wasn't done with the jokes there. Leno set up Santa with the opportunity to tell one more "adult joke."

    "Now you fly all over the world on Christmas night, have you ever had any trouble with the TSA patting you down?" Leno asked.

    To which, Santa John replied, "Oh no. I tell them 'don't touch my sack or I'll have you arrested.'"

    Ho, ho, ho indeed.