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Security Tight at 49er Game



    Security Tight at 49er Game
    The home of the 49ers: Candlestick Park.

    Increased enforcement at Saturday's San Francisco 49ers game  following several instances of violence at Candlestick Park last weekend  helped keep the battle on the gridiron.
        Only one person was arrested, two people were cited for public  intoxication and 12 people were ejected from Saturday's game, which ended in  30-7 win for the visiting Houston Texans, San Francisco police Officer Albie  Esparza said.

        The increased police presence at Candlestick Park was a response  to the Aug. 21 game versus the Oakland Raiders, where two men were shot in  the parking lot and another man was beaten unconscious in the stadium's  bathroom.     One of the shooting victims was released from the hospital and the  other two men were listed in fair condition as of Tuesday.
        Fights in the stands and in the parking lot were caught on amateur  video and police Chief Greg Suhr said last week that this was not typical  behavior.
        "Last Saturday night was an aberration," he said.
        Attendance at the Aug. 21 game was a third less than a typical  regular season game, and Suhr said that there were 40 percent more officers  at that game than would be at a regular season game.
        Despite that, he said, the amount of calls for unruly conduct rose  dramatically.
        Although only one person was booked Saturday, 12 people were  arrested at the Aug. 21 game.
        There was also a significant drop in calls made for an ambulance,  with only six medical calls Saturday, which falls below the average of seven  to 10 calls per game. The Aug. 21 game saw 50 such calls and the number of  public intoxications more than doubled, Suhr said.
        "The degenerate behavior that happened on Saturday is not going to  be tolerated," 49ers president Jed York said at a news conference last week.  "We are not going to allow that type of behavior at our football games."

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