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TEC-9 Used in San Jose Robbery



    TEC-9 Used in San Jose Robbery

    Three people are in jail today after brandishing a submachine gun  and robbing several people near Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose on  Monday, according to police.
        Police said the victims were near the school when a car drove up  to them just after 11 p.m. The people in the car had guns -- including a  TEC-9 -- and stole the victims' belongings.

        After robbing the victims, the suspects fled, police said.     Police were pursuing the suspects near Quimby (sted Qiumby)  Road and South White Road when the suspects abandoned their car and fled on  foot, police said.
        The suspects ran in to a nearby neighborhood, where the Police  Department's Special Operations Metro unit and officers with police dogs  searched for them yard by yard.
        A Santa Clara County sheriff's helicopter aided in the search,  police said.
        Eventually, three suspects were found and booked into the county  jail on charges of evading arrest and possessing an assault weapon.
        Police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said the fact that the suspects had a  submachine gun is unusual.
        They're not very common," Dwyer said. "Those types of weapons were  built for one thing: the human being... they're not for game hunting."