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The Topography of Crime in the City

City data used to map arrests for crimes in the city



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    Doug McCune
    Crime data in San Francisco mapped by Doug McCune shows twin peaks of prostitution arrests in the shadow of Twin Peaks.

    San Francisco's geography has the Twin Peaks, but it also has another twin peaks -- of prostitution arrests.

    According to "topographical" maps created by Doug McCune using arrest record from 2009 provided by the city, two towers of sex worker arrests rise from the Mission and the Tenderloin.

    Other interesting notes is that auto thefts are relatively even across the city, especially if accounting for population density.

    And while the Mission beats the Tenderloin for prostitution, the Tenderloin rules the roost in terms of narcotics.

    Uptown Almanac also points out that the Mission is also way behind its northern neighbors in terms of robberies.

    Of course, the data only represents reported crimes and arrests made. It might all look different if estimates of under-reported crimes and actual convictions from arrests were factored in.

    Just ask any west side brothel habitué -- there's plenty of sex for money west of Divisadero.

    Jackson West would also like to see if crime really doesn't travel uphill by adding in actual topography as a factor.