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Women File $30 Million Sex Scandal Suit Against Moraga School

Women claim that teacher wasn't removed or investigated following abuse complaints.



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    Kristen Cunnane's allegations of abuse against a former teacher in Moraga has led others to come forward.

    Two women, claiming they were molested by a teacher over four years in the 1990s, have each filed $15-million lawsuits against the Moraga School District, according to reports.

    Both women, anonymous as Jane Does No. 1 and 2, say that former Joaquin Moraga teacher Daniel Witters, a science teacher, molested them, according to the Contra Costa Times. They came forward in 1996 with allegations, after which Witters killed himself, the newspaper reported. He was never charged.
    The women say that actions by employees of the district, including a retired principal and a retired superintendent, led to Witters to be able to abuse, according to the newspaper. The lawsuit follows allegations and an initial lawsuit filed by Kristen Cunnane, a 30-year old swim coach at Cal. Cunnane says Witters and another teacher abused her, and were allowed to do so because of ignored warnings and "a lax environment," the newspaper reported.
    Court documents indicate that a third girl claimed as early as 1990 to have been abused by Witters, but her claims were not investigated. The claims were also not forwarded to law enforcement, the newspaper reported.
    "The guy shouldn't have been teaching at the school," said David Ring, an attorney for the two women.
    School district officials did not respond to the newspaper with comment.