‘Bigger and Spookier:' Bay Area Coastside Town Will Continue Halloween Tradition Next Year

The neighbors started the spooky tradition more than a decade ago.

From an infamous haunted house to an outdoor horror flick and outrageous Halloween decorations, one Peninsula town pulls out all the stops on Halloween night each year.

Many Montara residents prepare for the festivities with decorated garages, fire pits, intricate decorations and candy for the parade of coastside kids going door to door. 

Some homes feature themes like the annual "Witch's House" that kids have looked forward to for more than a decade. This year was no different, and lines snaked out of the haunted house through the night. 

One home even featured a set made by a professional designer.

Jessie Ashby with Phantom Theater Productions said he was itching to use some of his decorations one more time, so he came out to decorate Christopher Childers and David Oliphant's home.

He's been laying out the set for weeks.

"It's a lot of work and sometimes it can be really frusterating, but it's lot of fun especially when you can scare kids on Halloween," Ashby said.

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