Another Dead Whale Washes Ashore in San Francisco Bay Area

Another whale has been found washed ashore in the Bay Area.

Experts at The Marine Mammal Center confirm the whale discovered Thursday at Limantour Beach in Point Reyes was a gray whale.

There have been at least 10 other dead whales discovered in the Bay Area since March. Many of the whale deaths have been caused by blunt force trauma from ship strikes, officials said.

Earlier this month, more than 20 shipping companies were recognized for slowing down their ships around whales in the San Francisco Bay. The companies have been participating in a National Marine Sanctuaries program that calls on cargo ships to reduce speeds to 10 knots or less to avoid hitting the massive marine mammals feeding in the bay.

A necropsy date for the gray whale at Limantour Beach has yet to be determined, according to The Marine Mammal Center.

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