Apple May Unveil Steve Jobs Wednesday

Steve Jobs may be on a health-related leave from Apple but that doesn't mean he won't show up at Wednesday's iPad 2 launch.

The blogosphere has been speculating who might do the unveiling of Apple's latest tablet computer at Wednesday's San Francisco media event with Jobs out of the picture.

But while British tabloids rush to anoint one of their own as Jobs' successor, Kara Swisher of All Things D reports that the Apple co-founder may make an appearance at the launch anyway.

She cites several sources close to the situation who say Jobs is "definitely considering" an appearance at the event.

That does not necessarily mean that Jobs will make a video cameo on an iPad-supported FaceTime app like some media members are speculating.

Swisher says that if Jobs decides to make an appearance he "would at least make a brief appearance onstage, along with other top company execs."

A surprise cameo by Jobs would not be a shocker. He has done it before when he returned from his liver transplant in 2009.

And Jobs has been seen around the Bay Area, including a recent dinner date with President Barack Obama and a visit to Apple headquarters.

But is Jobs showing up Wednesday's event a good thing for a company who has seen its stock plummet based on mere rumors of Jobs being sick?

His appearance could take away from the luster of the actual star of the event: the iPad.

The moment Jobs graces the stage, the story would turn to how he looked and how he spoke, instead of whether the updates to the iPad make it a must have.

Maybe that's just what Apple wants, with some inside sources claiming the iPad 2 is nothing to get too excited about.

Maybe Steve Jobs is just the boost Wednesday's event needs.

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