Apple's Next Great Venture: Televisions

Now that the world has finally seen Apple's wonder phone and its wonder tablet in the flesh, what can Apple fans hold their breathe for next?

After all there are only so many iPad 2 and iPhone 5 rumors one can click on before coming to the conclusion that the next generation tablet will have a camera.

This year Christmas is coming early -- or late -- for Apple fans thanks to Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster, who says that Apple is working on developing a television of its own.

Recently Apple sparked interest with a mysterious $3.9 billion component investment, which many saw as an investment in securing displays for its products but Jaffrey believes it also hints to the Cupertino-based company working on a television.

Munster believes Apple will release an Internet-connected television by the end of 2012, much like Google did this year.

But not everyone believes Apple will enter the high screen television world. Some argue the company would be better served improving its recently updated Apple TV box.

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