Auto Arsons Flare in San Francisco

More than half a dozen cars prove combustible in less than a week

Three cars went up in smoke along Geary Boulevard last night, with reports of another attempted arson and a possible fourth fire continuing to roll in.

That brings the total of arson and attempted arson of automobiles to nine since Saturday, when two cars were set ablaze in San Francisco.

No details have emerged to connect the crimes to any suspects, and no connection or motive has been suggested by authorities.

Earlier in the year, San Francisco saw a rash of portable toilets set on fire.

The arson attempt may provide a clue -- a passerby kicked a burning newspaper out from under a truck tire, averting another incident.

In the potty pyro incidents, the perpetrator or perpetrators similarly used found kindling in the form of toilet paper to start the conflagrations.

While the spree could just be the work one or more rowdy delinquents, a political motive hasn't been ruled out.

For instance, Geary has been the focus of debate between transit advocates and drivers and the businesses that cater to them about the future of the heavily-trafficked corridor.

Of course, arson is probably not the worst crime a San Franciscan looking for decent parking has considered in a moment of block-circling frustration.

Photo by Artur Bergman.

Jackson West would like to start the conspiracy theory that it's an attempt by GM to get people to buy more cars.

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