Bay Area Artists Bring Graffiti to Life

New book explores the life of street artists


Graffiti finally has a home where no one can argue whether it is art or not.

Well known and the self proclaimed notorious Bay Area graffiti photographer Steve Rotman (aka funkandjazz), along with with designer and photographer Chris Brennan, are releasing the first comprehensive book about graffiti in the Bay Area.

"Bay Area Graffiti," from Mark Batty Publishers goes into the world of Bay Area graffiti. The hardbound collection shows graffiti street art from across the Bay Area in both color and black and white images.

The book also goes behind the art and tells the story and the mindset of taggers. The features artist interviews with well known street artists such as Jenks, Harsh, Abno, Chubs, Reyes and more.

The artist talk about their inspirations, where they get their ideas and the courage to tag some of the more obscure places around and why they do what they do. 

Sajid Farooq is scared of heights. Respect to taggers for their fearlessness.

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