Bay Area Bachelorette Party Trapped in Texas Winter Storm

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Nine women, many from the Bay Area, were stuck in Texas after celebrating a bachelorette party in Austin. 

Bride-to be Amanda Hofflander, of Walnut Creek, said her bachelorette started out amazing last friday but on Tuesday, it turned into an unexpected nightmare.

“We chose Austin, Texas we heard nothing but amazing fun things,” she said. “We did see weather was a factor as far as storms we said, ‘oh we’ll bring a jacket we’ll be totally fine.’”

As it turns out it wasn’t fine. Austin, like most of Texas, is in the middle of a wicked storm.

“If you could see the roads,” said bridesmaid Erica Slocum. “When we took our one drive from our Airbnb to the airport we were sliding all over the place.”

They woke up Monday with no power and no heat. On Tuesday they went to the airport hoping to get a flight out, but they ended up sleeping there overnight.

“All the flights were taken, one seat left on every flight and the prices were pretty outrageous,” said Slocum.

They saw tickets for up to $2,000.

“One of my friends was actually considering buying the $1,000 ticket home,” said Hofflander. 

They saw first hand how Texans have been thrown into survival mode. Food is scarce in most of the state.

The ladies experienced the suffering but they tried to make the best of a very stressful trip.

“Despite the horrible stuff my friends and I built even a stronger bond,” said Hofflander.

A bond this bride-to-be says will never be broken.  

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