Big Changes Loom For Market Street in San Francisco

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The new year will bring big changes to Market Street in San Francisco, and one of the things people will see less is private vehicle traffic.

On Jan. 29, the larger transformation of Market Street is expected, but changing the traffic is something that can happen quickly.

Cars will still be able to cross Market Street, but along Market, private vehicles will be restricted from 10th to Main eastbound and Steuart to Van Ness westbound.

Loading zones intersections and Muni-only lanes will be upgraded.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says Market has half of the intersections with the most bike and pedestrian collisions.

"We’re really, really excited about the private automobiles restrictions that are going to be going into effect, and in addition there will be what the city is calling some quick build elements to the projects," said Brian Wiedenmeier, executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Wiedenmeier has high hopes for the transformation in the near future. He thinks this first step makes sense.

"It can be a really scary situation sometimes, so I think we’re hoping to see lots less congestion, fewer close calls and a little bit more order and harmony on Market Street," he said.

The restrictions would apply to Uber and Lyft but not vehicles with commercial plates and not taxicabs.

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