Brentwood Gets Special Playground

Brentwood playgrounds offer fun for all kids -- even those with special mobility needs.

The facilities are still a work in progress, according to the CC Times, but work is well underway with new swing sets that are accessible to kids of varying sizes. The swings have platforms and harnesses that allow wheelchairs to swing safely.

In the future, a larger playground for special-needs kids will feature even more specialized equipment. That could include items that stimulate kids with sensory handicaps, and quiet areas for kids for whom sensory stimulation is unpleasant.

The swing sets, which cost $1,100 a piece, are just the beginning. Construction on larger elements is expected to begin next year. The designers are playing close attention to wheelchair users' needs, but have also emphasized elements for other types of disabilities.

The accessible playground won't come cheap. Costs are estimated to be between $100,000 and $200,000, of which only $36,000 has so far been raised. The project is currently being overseen by the Special Kids Foundation.

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